Family-Owned Everett Carpet Cleaning For Your Home

When it comes to hire a team to come into your home to clean your carpets, you want to make sure you hire someone you can trust. You want a team you feel comfortable with being in your house. You also want someone who can get you the best results possible. That why you need to call our Everett carpet cleaning company, Kelley’s Cleaning and Restoration. We are a local family-owned operation that is committed to hiring the best people to clean your carpets. Our methods get results, too, so you’ll be excited to invite us back next time your carpets are ready for a cleaning.

We’re sweetening the deal with 20% off of cleaning tile, grout, or upholstery with any carpet service. We’ll also give you a free bottle of carpet cleaner so you can spot clean areas of your carpet that might need it between service calls. That keeps your carpets looking their best for longer. But when it’s time for another cleaning, we’ll be ready to come back and get the job done. We offer evening and Saturday hours to fit into your schedule, as well as 24 hour emergency services if needed. Our Everett carpet cleaning company is the only one you’ll ever need!

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